Rollie Riesberg

Rollie-smRollie’s parents divorced when he was four years old; he blamed himself all through his childhood. There were many “going hungry” years for him and his two half-brothers. This made his strive to get a college degree when he grew up—which he wanted more than life itself. Thanks to God and Delta Air Lines, Rollie was able to earn that college degree and meet and marry the love of his life, Loretta Robertson, a lovely Delta stewardess with a soft heart as big as the moon. He knew he had fallen in love with her upon their first meeting; she was so easy to talk to—and love and understand. They long distance dated off-and-on for three years since Rollie was going to college full time and also working for Delta full time. Rollie and Loretta married in 1964. Rollie is so happy she married him; Loretta changed his life in so many ways—she brought Rollie to Jesus in 1965, the year after they were married. Rollie’s life would have been in shambles without her!