Pat Terry

PatTerryPat was born in a small town between Tulsa and Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She always felt happy knowing that both sides of his family lived in the same community. On Sundays after attending Church, Pat’s family would visit her dad’s family, and the following Sunday, they would visited her mother’s family. They would alternate Christmas and Thanksgiving for a few years until Pat’s grandfather, on her dad’s side, passed away. Pat had one sister who was eighteen months younger. Pat had a very happy and stable family. Her dad never went golfing, hunting, fishing, sporting, etc., with the guys! He always had his family with him. He made sure they went on vacations together. There was always a lot of happiness and laughter in Pat’s home. At suppertime, when Pat and her sister were young and outside playing, their mother would call them in for supper and the whole family was always there together. Her dad would say, “No arguing—it is family time.” So they did not ever argue. Pat’s mother and father were always there listening to them if they needed to talk or if they needed advice; they were right there for Pat and her sister! Pat’s parents would even be visiting and laughing with each other; they loved one another so very much! With this family background, with her dad, Pat thought all men were this loyal and loving to their family! Wrong!

Pat went through a disaster in her first marriage; she married young, almost out of high school. She knew God told her not to marry this man. Later on, Pat met the love of her life, Joe, and they were married for thirty-nine wonderful years. Then, at the end of his life, two weeks after they discovered Joe had dreadful lung cancer, he died—he had never smoked in his whole life. Three years later, after losing Joe, Pat married a man she had known for over thirty-five years from Pat and Joe’s church. Then, two years later, he died from a fatal heart attack while waiting to have knee replacement surgery. With his passing, there was another extended episode regarding the activities on the part of his children and grandchildren. Pat hopes that reading her story will help others, especially if they are thinking about marrying again after their dear loved one dies. When Pat looks back and ahead in her life, she knows that God was looking after her in so many ways, and that our Lord and Savior is with her all of the time, now and forever!