Lisa Wishoun

Lisa Bryce waterwayA single mom of a beautiful little boy with a heart of gold. Lisa has known love and she has known loss, but what she discovered most is the biggest love of all. The love within ourselves, the love of God—the way to survive and get through any situation that comes at you! Life is not meant to be easy, nor just endured, it is a journey that is meant to teach us along the way to learn how to have joy in the midst of chaos. God wants us to learn how to turn from within and look above to Him for our peace, to know that those things are not brought to us by other individuals but by ourselves, and that the ones we love are there for however long we get to share this world with them—to love, to learn, and to remember, with smiles on our faces for what they have brought into our lives. Life is an adventure, and you never know what the tide will bring in next. Like the gifts of the ocean, it is unseen until it arrives, and can come in all different forms. The tide never stops coming in, and that is the greatest gift of all, and we must thank God for it with all our heart and soul!