Don Crick

DonCrick2-2mDon was born in Paducah, Kentucky, to a very loving mother and father. They married in 1941; Don’s mother was fourteen and his dad was twenty. Neither of his parents graduated from high school. Don’s dad worked various jobs resulting in moves from Paducah, to Madisonville, Kentucky, from Memphis to Dyer, Tennessee, from South Bend, Indiana to Danville and Decatur, Illinois, and then back to Memphis once again. They never had material wealth, but always had love and did not go hungry. Don was the first born and his sister was born three years later. While living in Danville, Illinois, Don worked for a family-owned pharmacy and went to pre-pharmacy school at Danville Junior College, which is now Danville Community College. Don became a licensed Apprentice Pharmacist.

In the meantime, Don had married his first wife and we had one child; they moved to Memphis to be where Don’s parents then lived. He had a desire to continue his college education there in Memphis. Don next got a job with Delta Air Lines and had rotating shifts making him unable to go back to college.

Don’s life focused on studying human behavior and the importance of attitude as a determinant of success in a person’s life. He always relied on Christian motivational speakers and the Bible to guide him through life. He loves people and understands that loving everyone is our responsibility as Christians. We don’t have to love the behavior of people, which is influenced by everything in a person’s life from conception to the present. That fact is a book in itself!

Don met the love of his life and married her in 1979. They both loved one another more than life itself! She was the influence on his life that took him to higher levels of management and living for God than Don could have ever imagined. During their wonderful life together, while Don was with Delta Air Lines, he lived in San Antonio, Texas, Cincinnati, Ohio, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Atlanta, Georgia. On October 7, 2005, they were on vacation driving to St. Petersburg, Florida, when they had an auto accident that took the life of Don’s wife. It was a life changing event in Don’s life and the hardest thing to learn to deal with, and only his faith and trust in God got him through it.

Don is now a realtor in Brentwood, Tennessee, and his daily walk with Jesus keeps him going. He is SO GOOD and Don wants people to see His goodness in Don by the way he lives his life!